Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Create Your Curves

Transformation Tuesday, today I would like to call it Train Your Ass Off Tuesday.

Buttocks/glutes, the area that gets a lot of attention lately in mainstream media and in the fitness industry. When a woman has definition in her glutes and has a strong shapely back, the illusion of an hour glass shape and tiny waist is so attainable.

Personally, I never had a tiny waist. I had to create a stronger back and add some size to my glutes to attain an appearance that I desired. While striving to achieve that, I learned I love to do chin ups and even more than that was to train my glutes. Twice a week I train both those areas using different exercises.

I like to use with clients and myself: Front Squats, Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats, High Step Ups, Shoulders Elevated Single Leg Glute Bridges, Ball Leg Curl, TRX Leg Curls, Resistance Band Walks, Landmine Deadlift, and Landmine RDL.

I love when a client says her goal is to perform 1 bodyweight chin up. That quite possibly is my favorite thing to help a client work towards. Ladies, it is possible. I have met many women who couldn't budge to being able to knock out multiple reps. Myself included in that group. Use single loop bands to help you get over the bar. Don't be afraid to ask for a spotter to get you to the top and slowly lower to the bottom. These negatives will help you get stronger and be able to eventually pull yourself up there.

Add some TRX Inverted Rows, Seated Cable Rows and DB Rows to the mix. These movements will help make you stronger and make your waist appear to be smaller.

Focus your attention on getting stronger in these areas. Set a goal. Break it down into smaller goals. Once you hit that first small goal, the fire inside to hit the next one will already be sparked.

I will leave you with my favorite workout finisher from last week. Instead of jumping on the cardio equipment after your lift, try this and modify the duration as needed.

Location: Track or area to move
Interval Timer App or stopwatch: set for 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest, 10 cycles

1.Walking Lunges, 45 seconds
rest/walk 15 seconds

2. Mini Band Lateral Walk (placed above knees, weight on heels, stay low, switch which leg is leading lateral step half way through), 45 seconds
rest/walk 15 seconds

Repeat cycle for 10 minutes or modify to abilities.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Skahan Fitness

I have not written a blog post in YEARS! It had been so long that I actually had to change the name. Fit OC Women was a wonderful thing and still holds a piece of my heart. An amazing group of ladies that allowed me to be a part of their lives and in return helped me grow professionally and personally.

I am not quite sure why I stopped blogging. Easy to assume it started to fall to the bottom of my life priorities. Chalk it up to other responsibilities taking up greater amounts of my time, big life changes and moves or maybe just not inspired to put my thoughts out there for anyone to read.

Regardless the reason for the blog drought, I have a renewed sense of updating it more frequently once again. I plan to include some personal updates, bits of info I feel women need to think about regarding fitness and hopefully some inspiring posts to motivate you to reach those "someday" goals.

I love feedback so please feel free to email me with any questions or comment below.